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Resumofy is all in one Job board with an AI based resume builder that provides jobseekers with the necessary resources to be successful in their job search.

Resumofy streamlines the job search process by allowing candidates to apply and keep track of all their job applications in one convenient location. Utilizing AI technology, the AI resume builder analyzes resumes and offers personalized suggestions for optimizing it with relevant keywords for the specific job. Additionally, candidates can monitor the status of their applications and use in-app messaging to coordinate with recruiters if selected for an interview.

Main Features

Resume Edit

Through real time resume edit functionality customize your resume for job specific keywords and get a customized resume done in minutes

Application Management

Manage all your job applications in one place. Track your progress and check the status of your applications in your Jobs dashboard.

Resume Match

Utilize ML based resume analysis system to assess your resume for various jobs requirements including Job-related skills, Soft skills, Education, Certifications and more.

Cover letter generation

Generate a professional cover letter using our AI system that will capture the hiring manager's attention, but don`t forget to use keywords to personalize!.

Ready to use templates that will help your resume stand out to recruiters

Frequently asked questions about our AI based resume builder (FAQ`s)

An AI based resume builder is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to assist users in creating professional-looking resumes. These tools can analyze a job listing and suggest relevant skills and experiences included in the resume, as well as help with formatting and grammar.

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a tool used by employers to manage resumes and job applications. ATS-friendly resumes are designed to be easily processed by these systems, eliminating the need for manual updates.

Most of the AI based resume builders follow a “Done-for-you” targeted Resume service, which ends up creating a “broadly targeted” master resume that brings focus to qualifications and skills based on the analysis of several job postings. However, it is very important that a job seeker emphasizes targeted keywords to optimize this master resume for each job they apply for. This is where Resumofy provides help. Resumofy provides a way to customize a resume for a job rather than developing a best master resume that may or may not cover all the required aspects of your relevant work experience and skills.

Resumofy provides a centralized dashboard where all your applied jobs and their corresponding customized resumes are accessible. This makes it much easier for a candidate to see where they have applied and what their score was, and that way, they can be lot more targeted in their job search.

Your resume is a valuable tool for showcasing your skills, experience, and goals. It helps recruiters and hiring managers understand why you are a great fit for a particular job. In order to get shortlisted for a job specially when there are hundred`s of applicants, it is necessary that you are following resume optimization best practices and your resume has been optimized for that specific job. This is where a service like resumofy through its AI resume builder helps jobseekers to craft a job specific resume that is sure to get you shorlisted.

Resumofy is free to use for job seekers, they have access to all of the features and can utilize monthly credits as per their needs.However, we do offer paid plans for those who are looking to accelerate their job search.

Resumofy is based on a proprietary AI technology that utilizes a vast database of skills and resume examples to help you create a unique resume. Even though Resumofy uses AI technology, it still allows you to customize your resume to speak to your experience and skill levels.

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