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Job Description

Are you a seasoned network engineer with a track record of designing and operating large-scale data networks for global enterprises? Do you have technical leadership experience in a complex enterprise environment, and the ability to work with multiple business units to deliver solutions that optimize security, performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness? If so, we're looking for you! Our company is seeking a highly skilled Network Architect to join our team and help us build and support enterprise LANs, MANs, WANs, VPNs, and remote access solutions that meet the needs of our growing business. This is a challenging and rewarding opportunity for a talented professional who thrives in a dynamic, fast-paced environment and is passionate about leveraging the latest network technologies to drive innovation and business value.

- College-level education preferred but not mandatory. A 4-year STEM degree is highly desirable.
- At least two manufacturer certifications in areas such as switching/routing, firewalls, IPS, load balancers, and other related network technologies, or equivalent and demonstrable knowledge.
- 7+ years of experience in an enterprise environment that operates 24/7 services for multiple business units, with a progressive range of responsibilities spanning network operations, implementation, design, and architecture.
- Technical leadership experience in a large, complex enterprise, preferably with at least 30+ sites in multiple countries and 10-15k users, but preferably 50k+ users.
- Experience in architecting world-class, large-scale data networks for global enterprises that optimize security, performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.
- Proven ability to work with business units to rapidly develop and implement solutions.
- Ability to build and support enterprise LANs, MANs, WANs, VPNs, and remote access solutions in various topologies.
- Programming experience to simplify, automate, or orchestrate any network tasks.

Preferred/Advanced Qualifications:
- Experience in the media/entertainment/video distribution/broadcast industry is beneficial.
- Additional technology experience outside of data networking is a plus.
- Experience in data center and/or cloud network design is beneficial.
- Familiarity with multiple vendor switching, routing, and security products, not just limited to Cisco.
- Demonstrated ability to lead, coordinate, and manage complex projects, develop project plans/schedules, and deliver products or services in a timely and cost-effective manner.
- Strong communication skills resulting in the ability to produce clear, concise, and easily understood verbal and written communications.

Required Exp

7-10 years yrs

Skill Required

switching/routing, firewalls, IPS, Network Design,virtualization, cloud computing

Job Location

New York

Salary Package

$ 130,000+

Date of Job Posting

2023-05-02 01:13:22